A comprehensive plugin for NetSuite Users, NetSuite Developers, NetSuite Admins, NetSuite Testers & NetSuite Functional Consultants.

One place to get the insights of the NetSuite. With SuiteGuru you can View the following things:

  • Scripts And Workflows Deployed
  • Bundles to update
  • SuiteScript logs
  • Server script Status for Map/Reduce and Schedule Script
  • NetSuite’s STATUS and download the report.
  • Get Notified when a new issue is reported by NetSuite in REAL-TIME.
  • Logged-In users context.
  • Quick Navigate To A Transaction, Entity, Item or A Script by Document# and Internal Id
  • Quick access Link to NetSuite’s Record Browser and Schema Browser
  • Get Field Internal Id, Type, Required & Help and many more…