Know your NetSuite better with SuiteGuru.

SuiteGuru is a comprehensive plugin for NetSuite Users, NetSuite Developers, NetSuite Admins, NetSuite Testers & NetSuite Functional Consultants. It helps you to get insights into the your NetSuite account.

  • Get Scripts And Workflows Deployed on the NetSuite records and also Client scripts deployed on the Suitelet Script
  • Get BUNDLE TO UPDATE and other associated details
  • Get SCRIPT LOGS Details
  • Get Server Script Status for Map/Reduce and Schedule Script executing at the moment.
  • Get NetSuite’s STATUS and download it in CSV format.
  • Get NOTIFIED when a new issue is reported by NetSuite in REAL-TIME.
  • Get NetSuite’s Metadata, Logged-In users context and also the Account IDs used for previous Logins.
  • Get NetSuite’s Performance Details and can be exported in a CSV format
  • Analyze your SuiteScript 1.0 and 2.0 code to get API Details, Field APIs, Search APIs, Search Record APIs, Load Record APIs used in the SuiteScript Code and can be EXPORTED in CSV format
  • Quick Navigate To A Transaction, Entity, Item or A Script by Document# and Internal Id
  • View SuiteScript Supported Records
  • Get List of Select Option by right-clicking field label
  • Get Quick access Link to NetSuite’s Record Browser and Schema Browser on top Right corner of the Standard NetSuite Record
  • Get Field Internal Id, Type, Required & Help for the field when hovered above the Field Label at Body Fields and also Sublist Fields and many more….

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